Book your own private jet from the mobile has never been easier (and economic)

Welcome to the new era in which smartphone intelligent collaborative economy and finding a business model more accessible, and, of the companies that charter planes for private flights, closer and more services to an audience that until now could not consider this option. Book a private jet is as simple as a few clicks from your application in the mobile and, of course, having money to pay . We talked a comfortable solution for those who already use these services, but also an option worth evaluating in the case of many users who until now had not been raised another option beyond the scheduled flights. Can you imagine sharing a jet in the purest style Bla? To Book a helicopter in the purest style Uber? It is already happening.

Private flights are still beyond the reach of most mortals, but much closer to the customer executive, the Business and First Class.

Mashable recapitulated this weekend comparing the services of companies that already have application to reserve private flights. This option, obviously remains out of reach of most mortals . We talk about services that often, but not always, require expensive registration, so that practically demand that usually we use this reserve of private jets. On the other hand, at best trips we found from a few thousand euros per flight hour, but also flat rates. Amounts that are quite far from the prices on scheduled flights, including Business and First Class.

And that still amounts can fit into the budget of many customers see in these applications the shuttle into a new world of exclusivity. Because you will be with me to travel in a private plane is at least an option that few can afford.


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There are already operating flights on shared jet, either by offering free seats on a private jet, or by flat very cheap rates, with which you can fly anything you want by paying a fixed monthly fee.

Interestingly, beyond booking flights with us from X to Y at the exact moment they want, there are other alternatives that argue for an intelligent use of resources, and the economy collaboratively. Such applications facilitate, for example, that companies offer deals to their customers wisely. Offers for flights to empty priori, they have to return to another city for a new service and therefore can amortize that trip at least Taxes and fuel costs by offering a price more economic clients who may be interested in that trip. Even jobs for move planes that have spent too much time waiting , and paying sometimes quite high rates, at an airport.

But the most interesting, in my opinion, is in the collaborative economy . Some companies are already working on a way for their customers, who often travel alone or without occupying all the seats of the airplane, can offer seats to other customers you can fit them to perform a flight on the same dates . So in many cases the savings can be really important, with rates could even be not so far removed from a flight in first class. Companies like BlackJET announce to share seats on its charter flights can save around 80%.

Companies like Beacon also working on a hybrid model, including regular and charter flights. And how is that? Beacon offers very affordable flat rate of $ 2,000 a month for jet flights between New York and Boston . The only trick is that the customer will have to adapt to the times of the company, which makes 18 flights daily between the two cities. Still, the advantages of flying a jet, fast shipping, free to cancel without penalty up to 20 minutes before leaving the plane, saving time (it takes half the trains that connect New York and Boston), the absence of limits on the number of flights, and a not unreasonable price, can make this service ideal for many customers who live between New York and Boston solution.


The Uber helicopters

Finally, service companies such as Blade, which not only advocates the free option of sharing seats on charter flights, but also of book anytime a helicopter, in the purest style Uber . That is precisely the reason why from the first time they presented their services in the area of ​​New York, quickly defined them as Uber helicopters. Blade offers flights at Eurocopter from $ 395, and packs of ten, twenty and thirty flights, which make the cost of travel by helicopter is less than that at first had imagined.

will democratize the use of private flights these applications? Evidently not. Although many are already using such phrases to advertise their services, these applications are not going to make anybody else can book a private jet to go on vacation. What is certain is that these companies are betting on a much cheaper system having your own plane to begin with. And a model in which a smarter reservation system on private flights, and collaborative economy can recruit new wealthy clientele, and executive, that the jump to the charter of the First Class, without incurring a problem financial, and even justifiably – executive speaking customer


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