Boot to the Italian Endurance Cup at Silverstone


The second event of the Blancpain Endurance Cup 2016 has
begun in key Italian
. Despite competing at Silverstone, the
dominated the first sessions have ingredients of the country
alps, whether pilots, car or origin of the computer itself. In fact, the first-day competitive on the track british has finished with the best time of the Ferrari 488 GT3 #53 AF Corse , vehicle in which to compete
Lorenzo Bomtempelli, Ishikawa Motaki and Giancarlo Fisichella. Role a both
discreet of the Spanish riders at the moment
, although the classification and the
race is this Sunday.

The day of Saturday began at Silverstone with the dispute
the Bronze Test
, session in which they took part 37 of the 54 cars registered.
And although the track was still a bit ‘green’, in just six minutes
signed the fastest time of the session. in charge of making The best time was Max
Koebolt at the controls of the BMW M6 GT3 #15 of Team Italy
, in which he shares
performance with Giorgio Roda and Stefano Colombo. To a tenth end of the
Ferrari 488 GT3 #11 Kessel Racing, leader of the class Pro-AM Cup,
while the third was the Aston Martin Vantage GT3 #44.


Come the first free practice session, Giancarlo
Fisichella set the pace with the Ferrari 488 GT3 #53
. A single lap needed
the Italian to certify the best time of the day to stop the clock
, record with the that exceeded by nearly four-tenths of the Audi R8 LMS #74
ISR. The cars from Ingolstadt and the Lamborghini Huracan occupied
the six positions immediately following, , while the Audi R8 LMS #28
Antonio Garcia was unable to move from the seventeenth position
. Ten posts behind
Spanish was the Bentley Continental GT3 #8 of Andy Soucek.

Mirko Bortolotti closed the Italian rule in the pre-classification, session marked by the red flag caused by an incident in the
she was involved Soucek
. With a time of 1:59.873, Bortolotti managed to overtake a total of seventeen cars that rolled in less than a
second. In this aspect, the role Spanish has improved significantly and all
vehicles with Spanish presence were in this ‘pack’ of seventeen
. The Mercedes-AMG GT3 of Miguel Toril was 4th, while Andy Soucek
ended 5th. The car of Antonio Garcia, Lucas Ordonez and Albert Costa occupied
posts 15th, 16th and 17th.