Borgward is already ready to launch in China its SUV BX5

Borgward BX5

a while Ago we told you about the revival of Borgward. The German firm has come to life thanks to the help of Foton Motor. This chinese company is one of the subsidiaries that have Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation (BAIC) and your area of business of choice in the automotive industry is the manufacturing of industrial vehicles.

Foton Motor has the power to control 100 per 100 of the capital of Borgward. Thanks to its efforts to redirect its business towards the manufacture of passenger vehicles is that the German house again to have multiple vehicles in your portfolio. The two models are the most important SUV BX5 and BX6 although the greatest number of sales you can grab is the smallest.

The first market in which they have been put up for sale the Borgward has been China and it seems that with relative success. The BX7 is already selling at a good pace and when the BX5 responsible for the firm expect to increase the pace of production and orders. For this is that the SUV BX5 will commence its sales in the asian country in a matter of a few days.

Borgward BX5 BX6

As they have announced the charge of Borgward the BX5 will be available for customers the next day march 24. The base price on which will rest the rest of the range, leaving the 139.800 yuan and will close the upper part in the to 180,000 yuan. With this price, you will have many opportunities for their direct rivals stood a step above in terms of price.

The range mechanics will be composed of two blocks petrol turbo. The first will be a four-cylinder engine with 1.8 liter displacement and a power of 190 hp with 280 Nm of torque. The second mechanic will be a 1.4-liter displacement and a power of 140 hp with 240 Nm of torque. The block the more potent it will be linked to an automatic gearbox six relations. The less powerful will also be linked to a gearbox with automatic cut DCT but instead of six relationships will have seven.

In a second offensive commercial, responsible for Borgward have announced that the BX5 will the market with a mechanical hybrid. The block chosen for this mechanical configuration is the 1.4-litre, which, with the help of the electric motor will reach a total power output of 253 hp and 453 ft-lbs of torque. Like the mechanics without hybridize, will be coupled to the automatic transmission DCT seven relationships.

Of its design there is little to say. All we know that is based on the platform of the previous Audi Q5 so that its basic lines are almost drawn. Will have to see if the chinese public gives his blessing and becomes one of the premium models favorites of the country.

Source – Borgward