Borgward returns to show a preview of the SUV presented in Frankfurt


Borgward shows a further development of the prototype that will be taken to the Frankfurt Motor Show in cos days more. It is a luxury SUV for E.



Borgward SUV (Teaser) B orgward has released a new image that anticipates the crossover who will be officially presented in the framework of Frankfurt Motor Show next week.

This is the first product that the German automaker will launch after a hiatus of five decades of absence. While the advancement recently shown more than a month we showed just a small sector of the real car while it was covered with canvas, this time chose a digital representation that allows us to observe some of its side sector later. The image does not show much, but serves as a warning that we are in the presence of promising design , but will have to reserve final judgment until fully to meet in the German classroom.

There is still no official information too crossover that still has no name, but from Borgward claim to have tested on the Nurburgring Nordschleife and describe a product as ‘premium accessible’.

Borgward aspires to be among the top 10 manufacturers in the world within five years and it chose to debut with a luxury SUV for E segment. After an investment reaching 260 million euros only for the development of this product, expected to reach a production of about 800 000 units per year .

The new Borgward will be headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. hope to put the focus on the local market and in China , where such products are well received by the public.



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