Borgward shows a preview of the SUV presented in Frankfurt


Bogward chose his own house to introduce the first production vehicle in series of the modern era. It will be SUV segment E , which left see a preview image does not show too much.


Borgward-SUV-Teaser E he return to the market of the legendary brand Borgward approaches, since next Frankfurt Motor Show will be the framework chosen pair debut which is your first product in decades . For his reappearance in public bet a German SUV, which already showed their first official image , in the form of an advance that only reveals part of his posterior.

The Borgward odficial return will materialize in Franfurt in September.

The return of the brand comes from the hand of the grandson of the founder. Christian Borgward try to take the legacy of his grandfather and that is why he has chosen to surround himself with some renowned professionals from Saab and Daimler / Mercedes , with who devises a plan ambitious expansion of court.

Borgward aspires to be among the top 10 manufacturers in the world by 2020, with production estimated to be located in the 800 000 units per year .

This group of professionals sensed that SUV segment E would be an appropriate product to start this new stage, given the current success of such vehicles. According to what little is known so far, the investment to develop this new model is estimated at EUR 260 million .

The new company will be based in Stuttgart and already indicated that the focus will be on Germany and China. The choice of China is not accidental, because there comes their capitals and major investors believe that could even produce their models locally.

At the moment there is not much he lets on the first teaser officer. We will have expect to September to attend the debut of the first product of Borgward in the modern era.





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