Borgward will be a new model for Frankfurt and could be the new Isabella

The Frankfurt Auto show could mark the debut of the new generation of the Borgward Isabella. The German firm will take a prototype to the German living room and this is its first official image.

Borgward we anticipate with a first image to the prototype that will be taking in September to Frankfurt Auto show.

By the time Borgward has not provided more details about this new model, but the first image suggests that on this occasion will not be an SUV, but on the contrary it could be something more in line with what enthusiasts of the brand were waiting for after the announced return of the famous German brand.

In the image that heads this article we can appreciate a small foretaste of the model in the Borgward is working and everything seems to indicate that we are in front of a sports car, with a few bulky steps of wheels and aerodynamic design.

The only track that Borgward has provided is the text that accompanies the image published on their profiles in social networks, which includes the phrase “she is back” (she is back), which might suggest that it would be a re-release of the legendary Borgward Isabella, a model that the brand, manufactured between the years 1954 and 1962.

at the moment there is no official confirmation, as well as technical details of this new model. However the information is more recent indicate that the car could make use of an electric propulsion system, in line with what that Borgward had announced in a timely manner.

The German firm is just beginning with this new stage after its re-launch, but the focus is put on alternative energy, with hybrid propulsion systems and electric.