Boris Garafulic claim a 'top ten' in the Dakar


Talk of Boris Garafulic is to do it from one of the pilots most successful motorsport history of Chile, together with Eliseo Salazar and Juan Zanelli. When there was the Dakar and the World Rally, Garafulic won the Grand Prize of Tourism of Argentina from 1962, one of the toughest tests and reputable on dirt roads. Known as ‘The Master’, he left behind 50 years later, has its continuity. With the same name and the same genes, Boris Garafulic decided to honor his father by participating in the Dakar. Since then, he has made of the regularity of their flag.

just five years Ago, Garafulic decided to combine her work as Director of the multinational Vision Advisors with the fact part of the raid more end of the world. A step complicated finished not curdle in his first participation. Boris Garafulic at the controls of a Nissan abandoned when it had contested 11 stages, even though I had already left samples of their quality occupying a position among the first 15 positions of the rally. was Not a coincidence, the chilean rider was settled in these positions and in the following four participations in the Dakar was not separated from them.

For the Dakar 2012, Boris Garafulic signed by BMW as part of the team Monster Energy X-Raid and competing with a BMW X3CCs, a vehicle that allowed him to finish eleventh. A brilliant result that also allowed him to become the best chilean rider in the classification of the cars of the history. The evolution of the X-Raid team took in 2013 to compete in a Mini All4 Racing, vehicle with the one who grazed the ‘top ten’. In fact, Boris Garafulic, came to occupy the tenth position in the penultimate stage of the Dakar, but the last day he was deprived of this milestone.


Knowing your potential and being once more one of the pilots covered X-Raid, Boris Garafulic faced his fourth Dakar with the same mentality and with the force transmitted by a ‘Touareg’ of which he boasted in his office, a gift direct from Nani Roma. The relation of chile with the head of rows of X-Raid is unbeatable, and the gift of this award is nothing more than a sample of it. In 2014, Boris was once again eleventh and a year after he finished twelfth. Few pilots have shown so much regularity. As say the own Garafulic: “In the Dakar arrive smarter”.

With riders like Nani Roma, Nasser Al-Attiyah , Mikko Hirvonen, Orlando Terranova, Krzysztof Holowczyc or Kuba Przygonski in the bosom of X-Raid, the chilean rider comes to the Dakar 2016 in a discreet manner, as it is almost a tradition. Does not make noise, does not have the name or possibly the tradition of presenting his companions, but your progression is remarkable. Boris Garafulic finished fifth in the Baja Portalegre this year and was sixth in the Rally of Morocco. With the background seen, it is clear that Boris Garafulic is knocking on the door of the ‘top ten’ in the Dakar 2016.