Born in the USA: the five major American cars ever

Sounds Bruce Springsteen on my computer. Sounds Racing in the Street but the song that resonates this July 4th should be Born in the USA . Exactly one year ago in New Jersey celebrated on July 4 in excellent company, but this July 4th is spent in Spain, writing to you a short story about five major American cars ever . The love story of America with the automobile has infected worldwide and these five cars marked a before and an after.

Ford Model T (1908-1927): mass production

The production line and mass, allowed the Ford Model T to reduce its cost by two thirds since the start of production.

The major contribution of US to automotive history was possibly Ford Model T . Henry Ford’s vision allowed the middle class to agree to an average affordable and efficient transport , effectively replacing the horses and wagons. The price of the Ford Model T went from $ 800 in 1908 – prohibitive for the average worker – to $ 260 at the end of the 20s the famous salary of five dollars a day allowed many workers to purchase a Model T Ford with its savings.

1909 Ford Model T. (05/28/08) From a strictly business point of view, the mobile production chain revolutionized the automobile industry organization. It allowed Ford to build more than 15 million Ford Model T in less than 20 years . The production model was replicated by General Motors and other manufacturers, resulting in mass production today characterizes the industry. This is the real merit of the Ford Model T. In addition, there were all black, as the myth would have us believe.

Chevrolet Corvette (1953-present): sportsmanship as Detroit

The latest Corvette Z06 is a tembible machine, equipped with a 6.2 V8 640 hp of raw power.

The Corvette was born in 1953 as an American approach to the typical British roadster . It intended to be a simple car niche, which in its early years did not even eight-cylinder engines. Lightweight construction – had a body panels fiberglass – and very carefully designed, everything changed when someone came up with the brilliant idea to fit a V8 under the hood . After the overwhelming success of the first generation, born the myth. The best US sports

2016 Corvette Z06 C7.R Edition Its evolution has been unstoppable, always with the focus on the dynamics and high performance. Although its fourth generation is not remembered with special affection, all Corvettes have been American sporting excellence . It is best that his philosophy has not changed for more than 50 years ago: a weight content, a V8 engine front-center position and eager to touch their noses to the best of Europe. More than 60 years showing that America knows make authentic sports .

Ford Mustang (1964-present): the muscle car

Six generations of affordable sportiness based on high-powered engines and easy modification.

could not miss in this list on Ford Mustang . He born as an affordable four-seat coupe and dynamic appearance, but soon became one of the cornerstones of the muscle car era. With high-performance V8 engines and fuel at bargain prices, many Ford Mustang became addicted to drag racing, you were regulated or street. It was the first car of many baby-boomers, a generation of Americans has perpetuated the legacy muscle car until today .

ford-mustang18-mdm With the muscle car was also born the passion for mechanical modifications and improvements prestacionales scale. The hot-rod era was only a foretaste of the search for continuous improvement aboard these muscle car, which has given us copies of remembrance as the Mustang Shelby GT500 without go further. The success of the Ford Mustang accelerated the birth of a generation of muscle car rivals such as Dodge Challenger or Chevrolet Camaro , whose rivalry with the Mustang still belongs to the present.

Chrysler Voyager (1984-present): the precursor of the modern minivan

The European Renault Espace was released a few months after the Chrysler Voyager. [1.99902 million]

The idea of ​​the Chrysler Voyager was Lee Iacocca, Chrysler executive visionary. When I worked at Ford proposed the idea of ​​a modern minivan to management. It was 1974 and the project was rejected. The project itself was accepted a few years later by Chrysler leading in 1984 to the first modern minivan seven real seats. A type of vehicle extremely practical and resulted in a new generation of vehicles for making the easier transportation of people.

dodge-caravan The Chrysler minivan shared the limelight with the European Renault Espace , released a few months later. Produced by Matra, he has had comparable success. A small detail: Matra belonged to Chrysler until the early 80s … and do not believe in such coincidences. Anyway, have been precursors was SUV modern and crossover era. A curious detail: known as Chrysler Voyager, but its name was launching Dodge Caravan and Grand Caravan


Tesla Model S (2013-present): electric cars are a real alternative

His greatest success is to demonstrate that electric is already a real “traditional” car alternative.

And now the present. The Tesla Model S is one of the most important cars of contemporary history car, and is produced in the US by an American company, so it should be on this list. Is the modern electric car that has shown that an electric car does not have to be ugly, lazy or cheap. In short, it has broken the association was between electric cars and boredom. But his main achievement is to demonstrate that electric is already a real alternative to traditional car .

tesla-model-s-sunrise-1440px In addition, it has shown that high electrical performance – the Tesla Model S P85D Performance has 700 hp and accelerates to 100 km / h in about two seconds – is compatible with a range of nearly 500 km. Autonomy cleverly exploited by a network of charging stations called Supercharger, which in 20 minutes recharge the batteries of electric cars. This network has hundreds of charging stations in the US and are free for users of a Model S.

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