Bosch also has its prototype autonomous car


we Continue to collect some of the great moments that the CES this year has left us. This time again from the hand of Bosch, which has presented a prototype of how it would be to your car of the future completely self-contained.

that draws the attention of this vehicle is its interior full of touch screens, which in addition have the particular feature of buttons are raised which makes that distractions behind the wheel are reduced as detect an item with the touch does not require to focus the view on the screen. This type of display is called with force feedback and will provide the buttons shown texture and relief that will make them look physical in a manner similar to the publications in braille.

The functionality of the screens is none other than replace elements analog out of the car like the speedometer or the fuel gauge. Also show up the web browser on-board, can be used as an interface between us and our connected devices so you might be able to use the applications installed on our mobile phone, for example.


The screens will not be the only means through which we can navigate between apps, but also can interact with the system using gestures or voice commands. Make use of a camera installed in the interior of the car to control the direction in which we are looking and turn the screen towards which we are looking. Of course, the co may use the screen in front of him for your entertainment.

The prototype has a innovative car parking system automatic that will be able to point to a parking space suitable for the same and perform the maneuvers needed to park the vehicle.

at the moment, this vehicle is a prototype but Bosch hopes to have a model in production for the year 2020.