Bosch also shown in the CES 2017 your vision of the interior of the car “of tomorrow”

Bosch CES 2017

So is the concept that Bosch has presented at CES 2017.

there are Not a few manufacturers and large technology companies that have led to this CES 2017 a concept to show us how will be the car of the future. A future that will be supported by major elements: driving, autonomous, electric vehicles and connectivity. Some examples of these concepts that we have known these days has been in the Hyundai Mobility Vision, Toyota Concept-i, or the concept of Panasonic. However, now it is the turn of knowing the proposal of Bosch.

The German company also wants to let us know what your vision of the “car of tomorrow”, and especially of its interior. Bosch shows us a concept with a cabin very technology that integrates with any digital device to convert the vehicle into a sort of personal assistant on wheels. The idea take it to the next level the connectivity between the car and the city.

And is that the interior of the concept created by Bosch is closer to what we might define as a mobile office and digital that the inside of a car. Once we are sitting in the cabin, designed by the German company, we will be covered by an important number of wood panels and multi-display multifunction to be able to make a video, or accessing any type of content such as audio or video.

Bosch CES 2017

Bosch shows us his particular vision of the interior of the car of the future.

Bosch has also installed a few cameras that, in combination with a specific software facial recognition can recognize the driver and adjust the interior to its parameters and personal preferences (temperature, music, or adjustment of the seats among many other things). To Dr. Werner Struth, member of the board of directors of Bosch, the objective of this concept is to anticipate what will be a “third living space next to the house and the office”.

According to recent studies conducted by Bosch and their forecasts, expect that for the year 2025 autonomous cars can save drivers up to 100 hours a year on the road. Today, the vehicle is one of the places in the more time we spend throughout the year due to daily use to travel to work or do many of the other issues.

One of the ideas that predicts Bosch is that, thanks to the real-time connectivity of the car with the city, the autonomous vehicles will be able to share information on the parking spaces available, traffic and much more to ensure that we drive by the fastest route. The company highlights that this year will be a pilot test with a prototype equipped with this technology.

Bosch CES 2017

A vehicle able to be “connected” with the city and act as a personal assistant on wheels.