Bosch “could” be an accomplice in the Dieselgate of Volkswagen

BoschWhen a brand (individually, or within a large conglomerate) has decided to launch a model tries to economies of scale you benefits to the maximum. In this way, the gain obtained from each model will be much higher. This occurs equally in the Volkswagen Group which is based on their common platforms and shared components to get a good profit for each unit sold.

Besides all this, the brands are supported in external vendors that allow them to use technology without making a financial outlay on research and development exorbitant. In this case, one of the largest suppliers in the automotive industry is Bosch and in some cases, to be one of the biggest can be good or bad.

Volkswagen TDIMakes a decade, more or less, Bosch and Volkswagen have teamed up to develop a new range of diesel engines. This range was going to be revolutionary because it meant the abandonment of Volkswagen of the system pump-injector and the step to the system common rail. To name these engines are used the code of EA189; code that has reached our days to be super famous by the problem of their pollutant emissions.

however, the ambition of Volkswagen for being the more manufacturer in the world has brought her to the current situation. The engines EA189 were approved to overcome the regulations Euro 5 but not in the united States. Therefore, instead of modifying the engines to the base of money and innovation decided trucarlos so that when it passed the approval testing (known a priori) to pass without sweat.

well now they are talking about the “chance” that Bosch could be an accomplice of the Volkswagen Group to carry out this trap. We say “possibility” because the collaboration in the development of this range of engines was very close between Volkswagen and Bosch and the transfer of technology between both firms important enough to know the movements of the other and vice versa.

This possibility is being investigated by several testimonials and documentation internal of both multinational. For now Bosch only has communicated that they created the mechanism to detect the test mode in the ecu but that are not responsible of the use made of them has been able to take his client, in this case Volkswagen.