Bosch invented the first touch screen with embossed buttons


The touch screens of the future will have different surfaces dynamically

touch screens have become an essential element in all of the multimedia systems of the vehicle. Solve to a great extent the simplification of the dashboard but, despite what easy and intuitive of your system, can pose a distraction at the wheel.

Bosch develops a touch screen with buttons embossed so that it is not necessary to look away from the road. Mix the benefits of mechanical buttons with the dynamics of a digital screen. The technology Touch & Fell creates virtual buttons that may be present different surfaces: rough, smooth, striped, and even with drawings that represent functions.

users can get to use the touch screen as a keyboard mechanical it were without the need of looking at the screen, in such a way that the driver pay all your attention on the road improving the security. Feel the variations of the touch surface with the touch by identifying the different parts of this.

The “buttons” do not press hovering their finger above, but need to be pressed firmly for activation, so the user can touch the screen without fear of incorrect operation of the system. In appearance it is very similar to a touch screen conventional.

screen also recognizes the amount of pressure that we applied, allowing to configure different features for a same surface area. An operation similar to that of other devices such as joysticks for video game consoles.

The screen has two sensors: the touch, the more the other that measures the amount of pressure. The different structures are created using a combination of software and a suspension system mechanical.