Bosch is suspected of collaborating with Volkswagen to circumvent emissions testing diesel


System of injection of diesel fuel for rail common Bosch

Approximately 10 years ago, the engineers of Volkswagen and Bosch were developing a new family of diesel engines that were going to be a big change, the EA189. The system pump-injector there was no more of himself, and was adopted the same system that the rest of the industry, the rail common or common rail. Began using this system on big engines in V, and then came to the small on-line.

During this development, Bosch devised a diagnostic mode, in which you could detect an emissions test

The benefits of the system are quite well known already: a combustion of less noisy, more progressivity, lower pollutant emissions, reduction of noise due to the fuel pump, etc., The adoption of this system is one of the reasons why diesels have been reducing the noise level, especially in the VAG Group.

Robert Bosch and Volkswagen AG are well-known for a long time, and like good friends, have worked together for a long time. The rubbing makes the love, and the love, and confidence. There is the possibility that Bosch and Volkswagen worked together to circumvent emissions testing in Europe and north America, according to the confessions of an engineer who has pled guilty in exchange for a sentence of more soft.


Injector of diesel: allows the passage of fuel to very high pressure every time you ordered an electrical signal. The more modern, more delicate and more dependent on the quality of the fuel

The problem was the following: to comply with the emission regulations, which came into force in the united States in 2007 was going to be very complicated, and to a lesser extent, the european standard Euro 5. there Were two ways to get out of trouble, or spend more money on development to make cleaner engines (for the good), or pass them off as such when they were tested by the authorities in an approval process (for the bad).

Volkswagen opted for the second, it was more economic

Given that the conditions of the tests are known, predictable, and detectable, such a diagnostic function instructing the switchboard that during that time should strive to pollute as little as possible. You could sacrifice in exchange for power, a consumption higher or closer to failure in the long term. As it is a time, there was no problem. And so it was done.

investigates a “company”, based in Berlin (Germany), and that Volkswagen has a major package of shares. Demonstrated that the company actively collaborated with Volkswagen to circumvent the law, the consequences can be economic and criminal. Of time, we speak of a possibility, is being investigated by internal documentation and testimony.


fuel Pump: it raises the injection pressure to 1,800-2,000 bar (or higher) and channeled through a conduit common to all the injectors instead of spraying diesel in several pipes, one per injector

Bosch stated months ago that they had worked in the function of the ecu that detects the emissions testing, the so-called diagnostic mode, but that its purpose was precisely that: a diagnosis. They claimed not to be guilty of that his client, in this case Volkswagen, see fraudulent use of such a function.

deck also the name of another German provider, IAV GmbH

The two options are possible. Or Volkswagen used this diagnostic function with the connivance of Bosch, or made it to their backs. Some plaintiffs believe that Bosch himself, collaborated, and did so on the condition that Volkswagen will cover the backs in case they are found to be the cake. Obviously Bosch denies it.

Of time Robert Bosch is being defended by his account of these accusations, and is working with the authorities to clarify what happened. That last is not a guarantee of nothing, as Volkswagen is also working with the authorities, but there are very different degrees of collaboration, especially when those who have the information may be punished for talking.


emissions Test in the laboratory. The conditions of temperature, pressure, speed, etc are standardized, so that they are easy to spot by the engine control unit

it is Not permissible for the vehicles to pollute just because you are not passing an emissions test, although it is permissible, under certain conditions, and with the pretext of preserving the health of the mechanics, increase the level of pollution temporarily. Is the trick that they have played the competitors of Volkswagen, comply with the legality in the limit.

To the end of the day, both Bosch as IAV GmbH, working with more automotive. If one of them -or both – are proven guilty, they would be involved more and more manufacturers. Various lab tests have shown that in conditions of approval the diesel hold its gas, but once on the road, relax a lot and re-homed toilet trained.

Some manufacturers outside of the orbit of VAG have done spending thousands of cars through the workshop to make their systems anti-pollution work during more time. With time, it will check to see if that ends up affecting the mechanical reliability, since, in theory, when a diesel is making every effort to be clean, its operation is not as optimal as.