Bosch speaks to us of its progress in the field of the intelligence of the autonomous car


Tesla Model S with the technology Bosch built-in

it Is well known, since some years ago, the German brand Bosch is heavily involved in the development and innovation of the autonomous car. Today has begun the
Bosch ConnectedWorld 2017, which is neither more nor less that the annual conference on the internet of things.

This event is celebrated on the 15th and 16th of March in Berlin. With an attendance of more than 2700 people among executives, engineers, developers, and lecturers and experts. All share their best practices and studies on the products, services and solutions powered by the internet of things.

The CEO of Bosch Volkmar Denner, in his presentation on the development of the technology, has given us many clues about the future that is in store for us on the private mobility.


artificial Intelligence autonomous car

Bosch is immersed in the development of his own brain for autonomous cars and in this conference, Volkmar Denner, has not hesitated to explain to your audience what are your plans and the level of development that reaches the said technology.

driverless cars will be part of the daily life

“driving automated make the roads safer and the artificial intelligence is the key to make this happen. We are doing the car to be smart“. The word of the CEO of the brand.

The computer that will be fitted in their cars to mode brain virtual you will be able to recognize pedestrians and cyclists, as well as have the ability to store algorithms generated with automatic methods of learning. This chip swill be supplied by the brand of technology Nvidia, who is in talks with Bosch to keep a close collaboration in this field.


it Will be possible that autonomous cars to assess complex traffic situations. The computer stores and learn while driving. Currently, they are inverse in finalising the development of this digital knowledge to be even more precise. The brand is moving forward on all fronts technology driving autonomous.

“we Want the driving automated possible in all and each one of the traffic situations. Since in the next decade, driverless cars will become a part of everyday life. Our goal is to also assume a leadership role in the field of artificial intelligence. In just ten years it will be almost impossible to conceive a product Bosch that, somehow, is not related to the artificial intelligence. The products, or have one built, or will have been created with your help””

The car will be connected to the workshop

Another proposal by the representative of Bosch is no other than that of the car absolutely connected through the internet with the workshop selected as a favorite, or in their default, the nearest, in the event that we are away from our area of mobility, usual.


World of the car connected to the cloud

In the hypothetical case that sufriƩsemos an accident, the car automatically contact the emergency services in the event of a collision serious (this is already a reality) but in addition to that [19459005becontactedwiththeworkshoptosendanotificationofthepartsthatneedstobereplaced or the state in which the vehicle is located.

The charge of receiving such notification, will contact the warehouse manager, for which find the pieces necessary to through augmented reality goggles in the even displays the assembly instructions necessary to make the visit to the workshop something quick, and much easier for the mechanic on duty.

In these times, when reading this kind of things, sounds in the purest style Hollywood and in such films as Minority Report, but the technology advances by leaps and bounds and in a matter of a decade it will be possible to be encountered on our roads with driverless cars. Really who would say 10 years ago that in only 1 decade was going to be everyday to have you in the palm of our hand so many capabilities as that gives us today our Smartphone?