Bosch to Slow Down, the app to enjoy traveling


The German company Bosch in addition to being one of the major suppliers of technological elements for the automobile also bet on to facilitate life to passengers of the vehicle with other products as the case of the following software that we are going to see.

Bosch Slow Down Routes is an app that has been developed under the motto “sometimes the fastest path does not allow you to enjoy”. This app is accessible through the Facebook enables you to check routes all over the country and also climbing routes personal that can be shared for the whole community.

Any user logged in your account of Facebook you can access this app from the page of Facebook Bosch Car. After accepting the terms you will be able to begin to see routes organised by autonomous community or by a ranking of the most popular.


When choosing a route will be the towns through which passes the route on a map full of details, such as photographs and information of interest, such as the distance and the duration of the tour.

What is most attractive about the app is the possibility of share our own routes, share with friends or with the community and add about the same photos, comments, and recommendations.