Bosch wants a center of activities by way of dashboard in your car autonomous

Pantallas como salpicadero de Boschit Seems incredible that, with the criticism they have been getting numerous vehicles that replace physical controls for touch controls, follow by clogging the interior of the new touch controls. It is the case of the prototype Bosch that we presented at the CES in Las Vegas, a dashboard of the future where absolutely the whole surface becomes a centre of activities.

In a future in which the autonomous car could be a daily reality, it is expected that the backsplashes become screens where to display the multimedia content. We have already discovered that travelling by car in the future will be based on viewing films, connect to the Internet, watch tv, or, without going any further, even to work. Bosch is brought forward to the new experience.

Pantallas como salpicadero de BoschForget about a paltry button, and it changes everything for screens everywhere. And yes, I’m talking about screens in the dashboard, front dashboard, centre console and up to the doors. There is not a single hole that this prototype of Bosch do not cover with the technological revolution that we will see in the cars. All of them, of course, with the touch control that has already been made owner of, for example, the smartphone.

One of the innovations Bosch is its ability to recreate textures on the surface of the screens, thus mimicking the physical feel of the buttons and preventing the driver being distracted. But all of this is based on driving autonomous, or at least assisted, that puts the security and the system will be able to let us know through the enlightenment of the relevant screens if we are approached by someone for one or the other side of the car.

Pantallas como salpicadero de Boschin The same way, Bosch brings to the table a system that is able to, using a car service connected, inform of dangers that are up to 10 seconds ahead us. This system in particular will be one of the that before you get to the series cars, and it is already can be applied to current multimedia systems. The manufacturer specific which will be available in the next few months of 2016.

in Addition to all of the system screens that replaced the facia, Bosch is poured fully into the autonomous car and positions it as a personal assistant constantly connected to the network. Also working on a system of parking self in which the driver leaves the car and he looks for parking. This will probably be one of the first applications in the real world bring us closer to the autonomous car final.

Source – Bosch