Bosch will build a factory to produce chips used in driving autonomous

As many of you know, Bosch, in addition to manufacturer of home appliances, is the most important brand in the world development of security systems for automobiles. Now, the German brand is building a factory of semiconductors that will be targeted for use in driving autonomous, a value of 1,000 million euros.

This large investment, is the largest in its history. The factory, to be built in Dresden, Germany, will begin production of these chips, besides being used in autonomous vehicles, will be used in smart homes and the internet of things, in 2021. End of to build in 2019 and, for then, they would have already hired more than 700 skilled workers.

“Expanding our production capacity will help us to improve our competitive position. The use of semiconductors is growing as increased connectivity and automation,” said Volkmar Denner, CEO of Bosch.

the automotive sector is advancing towards the production of machines are more perfect, full of sensors that will prevent unwanted accidents. For this reason, in the past year, all the cars that were being produced at a global level incorporating a average of 9 chips manufactured by Bosch. As is obvious, this is all the result of a major investment by Bosch, which, in addition to developing software and chips, has more than 40 years manufacturing chis to, for example, smartphones.

“The chips are manufactured in Dresden will be added to the great range of products Bosch develops, as well as sensors for the airbag, autonomous airborne, technologies for communication, or even gauges,” said a spokesman for the German firm.

The automobile sector is suffering one of the major developments over the past 100 years. As the other we had a Volkswagen in his Volkswagen Race Tour, in the next 5-10 years, will develop more technology that in the 100 years previous.

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