Bosch will make your car brake, and turn automatically to prevent abuses

there is Still time for us to look at in the dealers at the first autonomous cars, i.e., vehicles that are able to take us to our destination without our intervention. Meanwhile, the technology – which later will dispense with the driver – you can save many lives. That is why we are not surprised that day after day, we find ourselves with such developments as the system of detection of kangaroos Volvo or, without going any further, a new aid to driving in order to avoid outrages. And is that, beyond an emergency brake as the one that you already deliver a lot of cars, Bosch wants your car will also be able to rotate, to practice a dodge. How do they expect to get it?

Our steering wheel does not move automatically unless the driver is turning, even slightly.

The system of the Bosch would be based on the same components that are already used in braking of emergency in the city. In this case, the pedestrian detection the would be a camera and a system of recognition of images. At the moment our car to interpret that there is a risk of collision, the system will have already calculated how to perform a maneuver dodge to act.

What is curious, is that Bosch have not thought of yet on a dodge 100% autonomous, but in a wizard that will help us to speed up movements. So that our car will not turn on automatically unless the driver turn the steering wheel. Why then has this technology?


  • According to Bosch, this system could prevent 60% of the violations.

    The concept, beyond based on the search of a correction autonomous of errors, is the same as that used by some systems of emergency braking. Systems that are incapable of braking if the driver does not touch the brake, but that upon detecting a hazard preload the emergency braking so that the slightest contact with the brake our car to take advantage of all the braking force available.

    The system of the Bosch is very similar, and is based on the fact that what is normal, if there is a risk of collision, it will be that we make a minimum turn of the wheel. From there, the system would be able to increase that turn, if necessary, to ensure that there is no outrage. With this system, according to Bosch, could avoid the 60% of the violations.

    According to the Bosch engineers (through The Engineer) the most complicated part of the project has been calibrating the system of image recognition to detect pedestrians, whose movements are often erratic. For example, imagine a boy behind a ball, comes running out, stops, and in the worst cases re-run. For the system to assist the rotation of the steering wheel, has not only been successfully detected a pedestrian in our path, but also having determined that the direction in which they will practice dodging there are no obstructions, pedestrians, or other cars.

    Source: Bosch
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