Bottas acknowledges his error in the output of Bahrain


For the second Grand Prix in a row, the current champion Lewis Hamilton had problems in the output. In the last Bahrain Grand Prix, these problems were caused by a touch with Valtteri Bottas in turn 1. This did you lose to Hamilton several positions and suffer damages of various degrees of severity in the car, despite of which would finish the race on the podium.

The Finnish driver has taken his part of fault in the incident: “I had committed in turn 1, braking late to a few 100 meters of the curve. I think that the Mercedes had not expected anyone to be inside there, and maybe I I braked too late also. It is a pity. After that, everything was pretty disappointing”.

however, Bottas admits to have been surprised by the history of both Mercedes at the first curve. “I Think that could have been stopped before but, at the same time, did not expect that they would slow down so much and they got so tight in turn 1 with barely any speed. It sometimes works, and sometimes you try to stop too soon and someone passes you on the outside. This is how it works.

The pilot of Williams, who rolled in positions of podium immediately after the incident, went on to be ninth after serving his drive through and be slightly hampered by the damage to his front wing, which diminish their significance. “To be honest, not what I noticed too. in the Case of the front wing, I don’t know if it’s good or bad! The feeling was normal. We lost some downforce, of course, but not a lot”.

“The race was hard. We had two new sets of media, and we only use one. Is not ideal, of course, but everything was compromised by the drive through. I’m sure I could have finished a few positions better”.