Bottas and Hamilton change roles to continue to dominate


the order of The factors does not alter the product. If in the
second day of tests in Barcelona Lewis Hamilton was one of the drivers more
quick and Valtteri Bottas completed a mock race with the Mercedes W08,
on the third day of testing, the roles have changed for the leave a feeling of
domain in the heart of Mercedes. However, Bottas has signed a remarkable
with tires ultrablandos as the best time of the day, while
Lewis Hamilton has made his mock race, an exercise that has been interrupted
for the red flags of Sainz and Stroll.

Valtteri Bottas was in charge of piloting the W08 in the
morning session
and also mark the fastest time of the day, the Finnish
completed a total of 75 laps. Its main task was to analyze different
variants aerodynamic and compounds more soft of the range Pirelli: I Think
that was another good session
. We have completed a lot of mileage and
all the planned program, including the collection of data on the
different tire compounds. We also did some work to level
aerodynamic to start the morning, when conditions were cold. Then
we tried many different configurations in the car

By way of balance, Valtteri Bottas explained: “at The end
it was a day pretty simple, once more. I think everyone in the team
he has done a tremendous job up until the day of today. The car is funcionano well and feels
every time better
. Without a doubt, today has been more easy to drive because there was no wind.
Thanks to it I’ve been able to experience the new car a bit more. Still
we have one more day of testing this week, will be on wet asphalt this Thursday.
I’m looking forward to tomorrow to do still more vueltas“.


For his part, Lewis Hamilton was commissioned to do a
mock race in the afternoon
. The british complete 95 laps and although not
he was able to enjoy a total simulation, as did Bottas by the fault of two
red flags, working for Hamilton was positive: Has been a great
test until the time for the whole team
. Everyone in the factory has
worked very hard to build this car. As always, there is that to remember
we are in the days of tests and that therefore we are trying to get
our goals, especially in terms of reliability“.

“The most important thing is that I have
achieved to do my first race simulation without any type of problem.
Everything has worked well, I am happy. The car is actually running
has analyzed Hamilton. “we’re Just flying through the first stage of
our preparation in which you have to tick the box corresponding to the
reliability. In a test this, you pursue to make changes and different tests,
that takes a lot of time. Next week we should have a greater
opportunity to be fast with the car, but for now we are focusing
the gas mileage