Bottas and Hamilton show the reliability of the Mercedes W08 in his debut


The last few years have been a period of clear dominance of
Mercedes and although everything is by writing, the new era of Formula 1 starts
with the ‘arrows of silver’ frightening. However, the Mercedes W08
has been the car faster on the first day of test in Barcelona
although the most important thing is that between Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton have
completed more than 150 laps,
what’s that supposed to exceed comfortably the
distance of two Great Prizes. In addition, Lewis Hamilton with his 1:21.765, has
left their imprint in terms of speed.

Valtteri Bottas has been the manager of get in the Mercedes
W08 during the morning session
. The finn has signed a total of 79 laps
with a best lap of 1:23.169, time which came from the hands of a game of
soft tyres:Was a good first morning for us. We did
a lot of testing with the tires, check all systems and
, we accumulate many miles. I did 79 laps over a race distance,
what is extremely good. If we are going to face any problem in the
car, I hope it is now. That’s why we completed the distance of over a
career. Was our goal“.

In this line, Valtteri Bottas discussed their work:
We have made long runs, trying to get information. As a team
we have many important days ahead, today the key was to get
miles on the car and not have problems. The guys have done a great
work during the winter, the car works and it is awesome. I have good
sensations. Has been very special to me for the first few laps. The car
feels very different to last year, notes the increase of the load
aerodynamics, are cars are heavier and with more grip. They are very fun
to drive and very fast on the curve. feel more demanding, but we are


For his part, Lewis Hamilton has taken on the mantle of his new
partner at the controls of the W08 in the afternoon session. The british driver has
signed an excellent 1:21.765, to which we must add its 73 turns to the path
the Circuit: Has been a very positive day for the team. The car has
a fantastic look and feel very well. We did a lot of laps and
we collected a lot of information, so that we can try to improve the
car from now on. we have not Yet done any work to get
the perfect balance
, because today we had to complete a series of
check-ups and accumulate miles”.

“It’s good to start to feel the car. Is faster, more
physical… almost a beast
. Drive a little different. It is much better
the cars of last year and the G-forces are definitely more
has explained to Lewis Hamilton on his feelings at the controls of the
W08. We are recording forces of up to 2G higher than what we used to have in certain
points of the circuit. There are a lot more downforce, something that always
we want as riders. One always wants to and tries to go faster in the
curves. The tires are hard and do not degrade as much. It is consistent
because there is no great difference between the first and the last turn of the tire“.

By way of conclusion, Hamilton expounded: “In the
next few days we will start looking for points to improve the car. I
thinking that we are the team to beat
, but we have much work ahead
to confirm this, as the rest of the computers on the grill. At this time
we are focusing on our own work
and do the best that we can”.