Bottas: “I Called Wolff on the same day that Rosberg retired”


That Valtteri Bottas is putting all of your part to fit in a Mercedes is something obvious. as Much as the German brand is doing everything possible to show it to the fans and the press because they are continuous samples of their involvement in all the daily processes of the factory through videos, photos and messages on social networks.

And the Finnish do not have hidden that, once he learned of the withdrawal of Nico Rosberg, was put in place to be eligible for the post of this, because immediately it was clear that it was the best way to meet your goal. “I Called to Toto Wolff on the same day that Nico (Rosberg) was removed. As a racing driver, you always want to be in the best car. I’ve made it clear to Mercedes that I want to win races and become Champion of the World”, said in remarks to Auto Motor und Sport.

The finn is aware, however, of the difficulty of defeating a triple World Champion Lewis Hamilton, who in addition to his talent, has a remarkable experience in the heart of Mercedes. But Bottas prefers to emphasise the fact that Rosberg was able to demonstrate that it is possible to beat Lewis. “I Feel that it is possible, Nico (Rosberg) showed that beat Lewis (Hamilton is possible. I’m not here to be second or worse, face Lewis will always be a challenge, but it is also a great opportunity. I really respect what he has done in his career, so many pole positions and race victories and three championships. I have not yet gotten a victory, so I have a lot to prove”, acknowledged in statements to Sky Sports.

Bottas knows that Hamilton has four seasons of advantage in regard to the internal knowledge of Mercedes, but the change of regulation will make things easy in terms of adaptation to a single-seater again, something that in 2016 it would have been much simpler for your companion, since the continuity of the regulation required single-seaters similar to those of previous years. “If I had arrived in Mercedes in 2016, it would have been more difficult. This is good new for all, the cars will be faster in the curves, and will be different with the new tires. However, it is an advantage to understanding the equipment and systems within the team for a long time, and know how they work. I need to catch up. My learning curve will be great”. And Bottas, without a doubt, what you are doing, as we have seen over the last few days.