Bottas: “I Had to adapt myself, so I have not pressed him to bring to the people of Williams”


Valtteri Bottas has completely changed the current of opinion on their performance in the Mercedes with the victory in the Grand Prix of Russia. Being relegated almost to the role of the second pilot at the mercy of Lewis Hamilton to be taken into account in the pools for the world title.

But, regardless of whether this is a trend that will lengthen in time, or will become an isolated result, it is certain that Valtteri Bottas has shown from the beginning that works tirelessly on their integration in the team Mercedes. The Finnish driver knows that he is facing the opportunity of your life, and also that only has a year to prove he deserves the job, so that never rests in its desire to give the best of themselves.

One of the measures taken by Bottas was to give up on getting to Mercedes, accompanied by engineers of their trust of Williams, as he believes that it would have been a handicap in adapting to the method of work of the German team. “I can learn a lot from them and will help me to understand how to work the computer. Every human being is different and works differently. The team has a different way of addressing the meetings, as well as new systems and terms. So I had to adapt myself, was the reason why they did not pressed him to bring to the people of Williams, I wanted to start with experienced people because they are the ones who know best to the team,”, commented Bottas in statements to Autosport.

Bottas believes that, in relation to Lewis Hamilton, he plays with a disadvantage in all aspects, so the only thing you can do is be very honest and clear with your team to accelerate the process of learning, improvement and adaptation. “I am Always clear, if I feel that something is not right, I always give my honest opinion, the team appreciates that. Sure that Lewis (Hamilton) has a lot more experience with your equipment, your people and the car, but it is the only thing I can do,”, said the Finnish driver, who earned his first victory with Mercedes in the fourth race with the team.