Bottas: “Some of the equipment we have surpassed”


Williams has completely lost the battle for the runner-up position in the constructors ‘ world -target set before the start of the season – and, currently, has not yet secured the fourth place, increasingly threatened by a Force India that is just fifteen points in the standings.

Valtteri Bottas acknowledges, in a statement to Autosport, the team has failed in the race for evolution and there are several teams that now threaten to superarles, something that is allowing Force India to close the gap. Mainly McLaren and Toro Rosso -no forget to Haas, have downgraded the Grove, interspersed between them and Force India in several of the last races.

The Finnish driver, who still does not know his future in Formula 1, he admits that “as a team, we are not satisfied 100% with the development
(of the car) in terms of improvements and evolutions. Some of the
other equipment we have overstayed a little bit, something that now puts us
under pressure with respect to Force India. But this is Formula 1, it is
competitive and it is difficult to get up
. The main thing in the second
part of the season is to start taking 100% of the car, something that,
maybe, we have suffered to get in some races”


Claire Williams is positioned on the same line, admitting that the stability of the regulation has led to a situation where the grille has been compressed and is more difficult to pinpoint. “Before you panic, know that many times it is
a consequence of the contraction of the grill under a regulation
stable. But we made some mistakes in the last races
and I think that is natural when trying new things
. We know where
the problems are, the engineering team has been quick to
time to identify where problems come from and are
reversing the situation”

Williams admits that it is not nice to the current situation, but ensures that work is already under way to reverse the situation and that the size of the computer is measured in the ability to face the challenge and on how to find the necessary solutions. “we’re Not happy with our position at this time,
but it is probably something that is inevitable in F1. This is how
to meet the challenge, how to be sure you find solutions”