Bottas: “The car of 2017 is quite faster in the curves”


Valtteri Bottas has been very hopeful with the cars of 2017 after having had a first contact with them through the simulator.

This season, the cars should be between three and five seconds per lap faster and the key is in a speed of cornering much faster. “It’s much quicker in the curves, I like it. To have more speed in the corners is always a good thing and have more traction, grip and downforce also. Even though this means less speed on the straights, it doesn’t matter much, in general is good”, ” said the Finnish driver in a statement picked up by Motorsport.

The pilot of Williams, however, does not believe that all of this is going to require a substantial change in the riding style. “Personally, I don’t think the driving style will change a lot, obviously with the greatest adherence, some of the approaches outlined are going to change, and some curves will be at the bottom instead of that you have to lift a little. I think that the way to deal with some curves and its drawn you can change, but I don’t think that will pass much faster, I don’t think that’ll change much. The biggest challenge will be in the long run by having to keep the tires in good condition”, ” said Bottas before one of the biggest mysteries of 2017: the behavior of the new tires.

on the other hand, Bottas does not think that physical preparation will have to be much more intense than it already is, while acknowledging that it is likely to have to work a bit more specific with the increase of G-forces by increasing the speed of step-by-curve. “In the simulator seem similar, but there is no doubt that physically it’s going to be more hard, with many more forces G. In terms of control and difficulty, I don’t know. I don’t think that will be a big difference. In terms of the training, during the winter there is always to find a balance of how much you have to do. Each athlete is different, you have to find the balance between muscle work and cardio you have to do. Maybe with higher G-forces, would have to make some adjustments muscle, but not anything very large”.