Bottas: “The quick turns don’t matter in the test”


Mercedes has turned to be the reference in the sixth day
test in Barcelona
. The structure of German has followed his usual program of
work divided between its two pilots. On this occasion, Valtteri Bottas has
filmed with the Mercedes W08 in the morning session
, while Lewis Hamilton is
has put his commanders in the afternoon. With this division of work, Bottas has
focused their efforts on short runs that have led you to mark a
1:19.310, the best record of all the tests. For his part, Hamilton has done
long runs
that have led you to complete up to 20 laps with tires

Valtteri Bottas will minimized the importance of the best time
harvested with the Mercedes: “it Was another good day for me. We have achieved
complete our programme of work
and I have to say that I felt much
more comfortable in the car with the changes we have made. We are doing a
good progress as a team and I feel more and more comfortable in the car. We
we have focused on short runs today. we Did a lot of aerodynamic testing
to assess some of the improvements
and all seems to be going in a positive direction”.

Despite this, the Finnish driver will not relax and recognize
that Mercedes has yet to follow progress: we Still have
a lot of work to do
, so we need to maximize the next two days
tests. As I always say, the quick turns don’t matter in the test. What
matters is where you are when you get to Melbourne. I am pleased that we have
succeeded in completing our scheduled work. I learned a lot today.
Now, I’m already materialised to continue with our work mañana”.


For his part, Lewis Hamilton completed 79 turns to the path of
in the afternoon session. Despite not search time, the british
finished sixth with a best lap of 1:20.702. In this aspect, the higher
part of the work of Hamilton was doing long runs, up to the point
perform 20 laps with tire ultrablando: Has been a day of quite
, I would say that nice and smooth. There are still a lot of work
to do, but in general, it has been another productive day for me and for the team.
Driving a Formula 1 is always fun, but these cars are

Insisting in his words, Hamilton explained: This
car is amazing
. It is much faster and it is a great challenge to get all the
performance out of him. I love getting to be able to do this”.
The pilot
Mercedes also had a few words for the fans that came with
flags british to the grandstand goal: it Was really cool to see the
fans with their flags in the grandstand this afternoon
, so I can only give you
a big round of applause to everyone who came out to support us today”.