Bottas to the employees of Mercedes: “let’s Get another title”


After several weeks of waiting in what ended up being the worst kept secret of Formula 1 in this winter period, finally, this Monday the 16th, we have witnessed the confirmation of Valtteri Bottas as official driver of the Mercedes for the season 2017.

The Finnish driver has been able to terminate his contract with Williams to convince the team of Grove to Felipe Massa to postpone his retirement one more season at least. Williams wanted to tell the whole coast with one of its drivers in 2016 to accompany Lance Stroll and this has made it possible for Bottas exposé by Mercedes.

Valtteri Bottas has been presented to the employees of Mercedes in the dependencies of the formation of the germans in Brackley, England. “it Has been a brilliant day. For me it is a pride to be a part of and run on a computer like this, a team of champions. I want to start working. With Williams I have achieved nine podiums, but I still have my first victory. That is the first goal. I think that with Lewis (Hamilton) will be a strong pair. I respect him as a person and a pilot, is very fast, it is a great reference for me. I am sure that we will be able to work as a team and help the team as much as we can. We get another title”, he ended up saying Bottas to the hundreds of team members present in the act.

Bottas has not been able to suppress his excitement at having a chance of a similar calibre in the team champion of the last three seasons and I can already tell that it has formed part of two of the most successful teams in the history of Formula 1. “it Is very exciting, I think it will take me time to understand what is really happening. Definitely, is another soil that is actually running on another computer with so much history, especially in recent years in which it has been so awesome”.