Bottas will occupy in Mercedes a seat that could be for Verstappen


mid-season 2014, Max Verstappen had to make a decision: join the pilots of Mercedes or bet on the Red Bull. Its exceptional performance in karting and in the same year in the Formula 3 -what was your first full season in single-seaters-, drew the attention of the two best teams of the Formula 1, which soon disputed the right to have the jewel of the motor racing world in its young driver programme.

But Red Bull had an ace in the sleeve, and is that, by having Toro Rosso as a team branch, I could guarantee Max Verstappen a seat in Formula 1, something that Mercedes was not in a position to offer.

as Toto Wolff has revealed to Express, both Lewis Hamilton as Nico Rosberg were performing to perfection, and Mercedes decided to withdraw from the bid. “he Was a guy of exceptional in karting. Then she won in the Formula 3 against all odds with a car inferior. Esteban Ocon was his opponent then, that means a lot. But yes, the test is real is the Formula 1, and now we see the result. we Simply had no availability for him, so that Red Bull was his best option. We are not disappointed, we were very aware of their level. Wanted to find a place, but with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg had the best pair of pilots -at that point we had already won two constructors ‘championships and looked good for the third (editor’s Note: in mid-2014, Mercedes had not won any title)– so the logical thing to do was to follow with two of them”.

The european championship of Formula 3 and won finally Esteban Ocon, who was chosen by Mercedes by signing Max Verstappen to Red Bull. It is difficult to say, but if Max Verstappen had signed with Mercedes at that time, it would surely have been the chosen one to replace Nico Rosberg and the opportunity of Valtteri Bottas would not have come.


In any case, Toto Wolff believes that the generation of riders that are coming to Formula 1 has an exceptional talent and provides freshness to the competition because it has a different way of doing things. “Maybe there will come a generation that is different. There was a time where the money will open the way towards the F1, but that seems to be different now, since it not only Red Bull has a program to follow. We also have one us, and now we see five or six young people who come and they are fantastic, and I think that in the future we will have a good number of young riders that will be outstanding”, ended the most responsible of Mercedes.