Boullier: “After the hard classification, points in Sahkir is nice”


The team McLaren has returned to position their two MCL33 in the area of points in the second Grand Prix of the season. The show in the standings face somewhat vague, the british have reversed the situation on Sunday with a remarkable effort. The director of the English squadron, √Čric Boullier, has highlighted this difference in performance between qualifying and race. Galo, in addition, has reiterated once more the equality among mortals.

“After a hard day yesterday, to get points with both cars is a reward pleasing for the hard night work of all the team. We knew that our pace on the Sunday would be stronger than our performance in qualifying, although with a middle area is so tight it is difficult to predict and anything can affect the established order. While we benefit from certain circumstances in the race, we demonstrate a compass remarkable and deploy a solid strategy to gain positions at every opportunity”, has appeared.

sarkozy has praised the role of its pilots on the Bahrain International Circuit. The boss of the racing team from Woking has put in value the constant struggles in which they have had to fight their wards. Fernando Alonso has been in the battle for position with Haas and Renault, while Stoffel Vandoorne, who charged a start sputtering, has starred in one of the comebacks of the day.

“Both Alonso and Vandoorne managed very well his tyres and fuel, regulated their pace and read the race properly. Fernando was masterful to be in the position of the fight, attacking the cars that I had before. Stoffel, after suffering at the beginning, he made an impressive comeback in the track. Although the majority of the overtaking moves were not in our screens, performed not less than eleven to finish just behind his team mate in eighth place”, has been completed.


Stoffel Vandoorne, McLaren, has scored in his second GP of 2018.

The pilot of McLaren, Stoffel Vandoorne, was placed among the ten first in the path bahraini, as his team-mate, in this second race of 2018. The belgian, after running a poor torn off, lifted up the situation. “After how we started the race I did not think that this outcome was possible. I had an awful start and found myself in last place after the first corner. From there we made a great recovery. We knew that our race pace was going to be better than that of the classification. We were very ambitious and we had a good strategy”, has commented.