Boullier: “Alonso is losing patience, just like me”


Eric Boullier, and Yusuke Hasegawa had planned a meeting with the press for Thursday at noon, but perhaps as a result of new mechanical faults in the McLaren-Honda -on this occasion piloted by Stoffel Vandoorne-both decided to cancel.

Finally the fault was caused by the electrical system and not the Honda engine, but in any case the spirits are very warmed and Eric Boullier has been backed by the words of Fernando Alonso on Wednesday afternoon. “Yeah, (Alonso) is losing patience, but do not give up, ever. It is a competitor. Since joining McLaren, people have predicted all sorts of problems between us, but he is still with us”, said in a statement to Sky TV.

The frenchman says that he is also losing patience and that is not a tantrum of Fernando Alonso, but the general feeling of the team, but emphasises the duty of all is to maintain the professionalism. “does it Begin to lose patience? Yes of course, just like me. But we have to keep being professional”, was so brief but accurate Eric Boullier.