Boullier amends and approves an extended program for Alonso in the WEC


it Is expected that the agreement between Fernando Alonso and Toyota’s Gazoo Racing announced in January and that such collaboration is not limited exclusively to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but the current pilot of McLaren in Formula 1 to participate in several or all of the evidence that do not coincide with the Great Prizes.

Such evidence would be the 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps on 5 may -a week before the Grand Prix of Spain-, the 6 Hours of Silverstone on the 19th of August -during the summer break in Formula 1 – and the 6 Hours of Shanghai on November 18th-a week after the Grand Prix of Brazil. Only the 6 Hours of Fuji coincide with the Grand Prix of the united States and then would remain pending three more tests in 2019 to complete the season 2018/2019 in the endurance world, the so-called Super Season.

therefore, Boullier has a vision much more open for little more than a month, claiming that Fernando Alonso needs to compete to perform. “first of all, there is at least one match (calendar) the year that comes. At the end, are only three races other than Le Mans, so there is not much. He already competes in karting races constantly. It is one of those riders who need to compete, you need to be consistent in that,”, said in a statement to RACER.


Eric Boullier is aware that nothing can prevent the presence of Alonso in the WEC if they want the Spanish.

There are riders that want to compete as much as possible, not only because it calms your cravings, but also because it keeps them in better shape. “Many riders are as well, pilots for truth if it can be said that way, would run 50 weekends of the year Also keeps them in shape, alert, with his reflexes to the point. If not you compete enough, you lose sharpness. I think it would be good for him, because he would be in a very competitive environment that would make him ready for the Formula 1”.

Fernando has enough experience to allow yourself to do anything without getting distracted

Faced with the question of if you believe that Stoffel Vandoorne may feel undervalued for not having the same treatment as Fernando Alonso, Eric Boullier is clear to point out that the spaniard has earned that right based on results and experience, while the young belgian is still in learning phase. “No. I think Fernando is a brilliant pilot and, in my opinion, it is still the best of the present. It is the most complete, so that you can extract the most out of everything. Is the reference and I think that is good for Stoffel to have because it teaches you how to work, how to compete, and the approach it adopts. Fernando has enough experience to allow yourself to do any thing without being distracted, while Stoffel still need to work hard to learn in the Formula 1”.

The season 2018, Fernando Alonso will begin with the celebration of the 24 Hours of Daytona with United Autosports at the end of January, to focus later in the preseason Formula 1, which will begin a month later.