Boullier explains the new role of the Button in 2017


Eric Boullier attended to the media in the FIA press conference that was held in the Grand Prix of Mexico and, in her, was asked about the new role that Jenson Button will adopt the team in 2017.

The Sports Director of McLaren considered the experience of a pilot as the british and the value that has, not only on the track, but also within. Jenson Button, who will act as an ambassador for the team, you will also work simulation and consulting to improve the car. “There are many ways to take advantage of their experience, feedback and the ability to lead and guide us, of course. They are good when they are in the car, but also outside of it, especially a pilot with a lot of experience that can give us many tips. He will also be in the computer simulation, which is important to be in correlation with the car”.

“Jenson will also be in the computer simulation”

Even if Jenson wants to be free of the travel and the stress of the life of a Formula 1 driver, will continue to appear in some Great Prizes for, among other things, to provide information during the weekend about how to improve the car, possibly something that is of much help for Stoffel Vandoorne. “Jenson will also be a few Great Prizes, your vision or your understanding of the race the next year from outside of the car will be interesting for the team. In many ways, his experience will be a good contribution for us next year”.

Fernando Alonso must still decide whether to continue in Formula 1 in 2018, something that will depend on if the competition returns to give races more intense and fun. If it is finally launched, McLaren want Jenson Button to accompany Vandoorne in 2018.