Boullier explains the reorganization of the technical staff of McLaren


After the departure of Jost Capito, Eric Boullier is set to become the single responsible sports McLaren. And within that role, the frenchman has had to deal with the departure of one of the members of McLaren with more experience inside the team: Dave Redding.

still The Team Manager of the training headed by Zak Brown will be leaving Williams at mid-year after having served the Woking for 17 years. “Dave (Redding) he was offered an opportunity in another team and we didn’t want interponernos in your way. Let’s not forget that he has been at McLaren for 17 years and I think that we will always consider a man in a McLaren, even when we see him in the uniform of another team in the paddock this year. We have discussed this together for a while, it is not a sudden decision, and we’re happy for him,” said Boullier.


Paul James will be the new Team Manager of McLaren-Honda.

His replacement, , Paul James, will also have the opportunity of dealing with a progressive transition, since Redding will remain at your side until the season starts to be able to teach to your ward before you leave. “in Addition, we had the option of waiting until mid-season to replace him, but we feel that we have a group of really strong that he is prepared to step forward and take on new responsibilities, which is exciting. As a result, Dave will use the next few weeks in delegate the tasks of Team Manager in his successor, Paul James, before ending his career at McLaren with a seat in the factory before they leave us at the middle of the year”, confirmed the French.

“As chief mechanic, Paul James is the best in the Formula 1

Paul James acted as chief mechanic on the Great Prizes and, according to Boullier, it is considered by many to be the best in their field. Now, all this has served to advertise the post of Team Manager. “it Is fair to say that, as chief mechanic, Paul James is the best in Formula 1. It is not just my opinion, but that of many of my teammates at McLaren who have had the opportunity to work with many teams. And I see no reason why that Taffy -as it is affectionately called by everyone in the team – not to play a brilliant role in your new role”, said Boullier, who stands out in James “his honesty, unwavering” and that is “demanding with the team, but also with himself, which makes him so popular and inspiring. It is able to get to the bottom of any problem and find a solution quickly and effectively. That quality safe that will serve you well in your new position. He is a great leader, but will be available for whoever requests it, it is very popular among pilots also and will play an important role at the time of guide to Fernando (Alonso) and Stoffel (Vandoorne) in their race weekends”.


Andrea Stella will be the link with Charlie Whiting and the FIA stewards.

“Andrea Stella is a thinker, very accurate”

Another names that will take on more responsibilities is Andrea Stella, the former engineer of track of Fernando Alonso in Ferrari and that he came to Woking with the Spanish to become the head of the engineers of the race. “Andrea (Stella) he will continue with his position as manager of the engineers ‘ career, but also be in charge of the sporting relations with the FIA. Due to the longevity of the career of Dave (Redding) in the McLaren, its responsibilities have grown over the years. At the end of 2016, took a certain number of responsibilities and we have decided to take this opportunity to hand out some of those tasks among different members of the team. So Andrea will be our point of contact with the FIA during the race weekend, interacting with Charlie (Whiting) and his team of commissioners to ensure compliance with the rules and fair play. Andrea is a smart man, and insightful, with an intellect fearsome and a broad approach. I would describe myself as a thinker, very accurate”, something that will undoubtedly be important to manage the potential penalties or claims arising after the start of the competition.


The Finnish Kari Lammenranta will be the new chief mechanic.

to replace Paul James in the post of Head of mechanical, McLaren has decided to ascend to the up to now mechanic’s number 1 car of Fernando Alonso: Kari Lammenranta . “like Taffy (Paul James) has shown its skills to adopt a role more relevant, I’m equally happy to promote Kari (Lammenranta), the up to now mechanic number 1, Fernando, as the new chief mechanic. As Taffy, Kari is a guy that knows how to get the best out of the team, Is a tireless worker and diligent, never complains and really understands what it takes to operate a racing car” said Boullier about the Finnish, who had already worked with Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez above.

And, as is logical, this implies that another position becomes vacant and to attend the car of Alonso this year, the team has ascended to Marc Cox, dubbed ‘One Man Army’ by his colleagues for his great capacity for work. “to replace Kari in the car of Fernando we have Marc (Cox). Everyone on the team gets along with Coxy, that is, as my british colleagues would call it. In fact, the mechanics tell me that Coxy has another nickname: One Man Army, which I think gives us an idea of how effective it is in your work. It is all a character”.


Marc Cox is already the mechanic’s number 1 car of Fernando Alonso.

According to Boullier, the fact that the vacancy of Dave Redding has been able to be covered entirely by employees of the house without having to resort to staff from other teams, it speaks very well of the strength of the team and the cohesion existing in the McLaren. “I’m extremely happy with the changes we have made, and I think that now we will arrive to the new season feeling extremely confident about the new appointments we have made. What makes me feel really proud is that, when we realized that Dave would leave us, we were able to recruit fully to people from within to replace him and regroup. That not only tells a lot about the force that has McLaren, but also indicates the very high esteem we have for our own people.”, concluded Boullier.