Boullier: “it Is extremely disappointing, unacceptable”


Eric Boullier has added to the disappointment generalized after what happened in the Grand Prix of Russia, in which the team McLaren-Honda was only able to compete with Stoffel Vandoorne -who finished fourteenth after the premature elimination of Fernando Alonso on the formation lap grid due to a failure in the energy recovery system.

The Sports Director of McLaren admits that it happened is frustrating and that there is no justification for the current situation. “we Cannot hide after a result like this: McLaren-Honda does not compete to finish fourteenth. Believe me, we are working hard to ensure that this level of performance does not last very long. That said, running with problems, still of performance and reliability in a weekend is extremely disappointing. We must work together to get out of this situation”, ” said the French.

Boullier praised the effort made by Stoffel Vandoorne to get the car to the finish for the first time in the season, being aware of how complex it is with the current performance of the car. “because of the limitations that we had today in regards to the performance, Stoffel had to drive at half speed, doing everything he asked, looking after the tyres and conserving fuel. As I say, to finish fourteenth is not a good result, but it is exactly what we expected from the car this afternoon. It is gratifying that I could finish the race and accumulate miles of great utility”.

But, equally, calls it unacceptable that the team has had to watch as two cars out of the race before you even start it in the last two races: Vandoorne in Bahrain, and Alonso in Russia. “In the case of Fernando, I share your frustration. It is not acceptable to start for the second Grand Prix in a row with only a single seat, we need to address this situation immediately. It is normal to be disappointed, but things will get better”, sentenced Eric Boullier after the race.