Boullier: “McLaren will introduce a second package of improvements in Monaco”


The seventh position achieved by Fernando Alonso on the day of qualifying at the Spanish Grand Prix for McLaren was a breath of fresh air for those of Woking. After a few previous sessions pretty grey, including the oil leak so spectacular, the spaniard left the fans with the mouth open, getting places to a position that until now had not been able to even dream of.

“We have rebuilt and restructured the team, and is now working and working very, very well. The results are obvious: the rate of correlation is amazing,”, he confessed Éric Boullier to What is certain is that they have gone through a reform situation in full, from the ground up, very similar to Renault: numerous are the senior, who left the team, dragging problems with the adaptation to the V6 turbo since Mercedes stopped supplying them with the thrusters and came to Honda again… however, the race director of McLaren ensures that the end see the light at the end of the tunnel, never better said: “Spain we have a wing front new, a new chassis, a floor and a rear spoiler are new, and the data is corresponded to the 95%. The rules of this year favours the improvements so great each time that you work in the wind tunnel, or the CFD, there is still potential to extract”

we Know that we can be in the points in circuits in which the UP is less important

The parallels between the results that show the new parts in the factory and that, subsequently, will confirm once the car hit the asphalt in the circuit, seem to be reliable now. “What we ride in the car in Barcelona was the first part of the package, the second will take you to Monaco. It has allowed us to take a step forward so much to the team as Fernando, and place us in the group half of the grill”. Because of the incident between Alonso and Massa in the curve 2 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, the team can’t say for certain if the performance of the MCL32 of Fernando in the race would have been at the height of what we saw on Saturday. On the other hand, the touch between Stoffel and the brazilian also helped that McLaren will continue storing data for later analysis, as the belgian driver was out of the race.

finally, Boullier mentioned the reaction that you saw on the part of Mansour Ojjeh, a shareholder of McLaren-Honda, to get a result as optimal as when no one expected it: “Was thrilled with the classification. When you see the telemetry of Alonso in live, you can observe where you win time and where you lose it, and you think ‘Yes, another step forward!’. However, the next thing you think is ‘just a seventh-place’, nothing to get excited about in reality”