Boullier next to the new McLaren MCL32: “I can say that we will win”


Eric Boullier, as Head of the Team McLaren, Zak Brown in the capacity of CEO of McLaren, Jonathan Neale, as Managing director of McLaren Racing and Yusuki Hasegawa as responsible of the Honda engines have been the other protagonist of the presentation of the McLaren MCL32, riders on the sidelines. All of them have been valued in the new single-seater team, the livery that somehow allows you to go back to his origins to the signing of Woking and objectives have been set for the new season. With the feet on the ground, all agree on to reach the top of the grill.

Eric Boullier, with the new McLaren MCL32, explained: “The winters are very stressful, but we have spent many months working on the new car. The single-seater is stylish and we have a lot of solutions very intelligent… which is of course not shall reveal”. In line with this, the French added: “We have a car and beautiful sure that it will be more nice if it is quick. The relationship with Honda is doing very well and has been key to designing the car together. We have considered the new engine to fit the car and the chassis has also been adapted to the engine. We don’t want to promise or create false expectations, but in 2017 there will be more progress and I can say that we will win“.

In similar terms it has been expressed Zak Brown: “Is a
very special day for all. The car is beautiful and I can not wait to see
Fernando and Stoffel to run in it. I chose I color, but after looking at many
designs in the end we chose the color according to the desire of the fans. That’s why we wanted to
paint the car orange. We want to win again and that is our goal.
The new color represents a new era and it’s something exciting. There is a great
sense of togetherness in the team and with the new color and the new name of the
car, there is also a new momentum”.


The new CEO of McLaren also added: “For me everything has
been very easy since I’ve come to McLaren. I feel like at home. At the end
my goals are as the all, to win again with a great car. We
we have ensured that you have the adequate resources at all levels and the
best professionals to produce a great car. I as an amateur
McLaren can’t say that we will win. We are frustrated by not doing so,
but we have a new project. With the alignment of drivers that we have only
we lack a bit of patience to win back

Jonathan Neale has shown to be somewhat more cautious in their role
responsible for McLaren Racing: “it Has been a winter very challenging, but
we believe that we will reach our maximum potential. Work for
back to have great success in the future
, but will not be easy. We have
progressed in the last year, but winning in Formula 1 means it will be very good
in all and each one of the areas. I don’t think that we are in front this year, but
I am sure that we will improve in 2017

For his part, Yusuke Hasegawa, Chief of the Engines of Honda,
believes the goal is to be closer to the leaders, as they have expressed
Boullier and the rest of those responsible for McLaren: “we don’t want to promise
nothing, but the objective is to progress and to reach out to the leaders and seguremos
working on 2017 to do this