Boullier: “Our chassis is at the level of Ferrari”


it Is one of the great debates of the season: up to what point the chassis of the McLaren is good enough to upload to Honda with all the responsibility of the discrete results? in this respect, Eric Boullier claimed, in statements to Motorsport, that the chassis is located at a level very similar to that of Ferrari.

we Believe that our chassis is in the top three, let us say that
fighting with Ferrari for third place
. It is difficult to make
comparisons, because you can’t compare to low, medium and high
speed. Our chassis is aerodynamically efficient. But if
you have more power, also you can use more load
aerodynamics. More downforce means more drag, something that
we cannot face because we don’t have enough power”.

Boullier explains that, as Honda provides more power to the propeller, they can introduce developments that improve the downforce levels, but not before, because this leads to an increase in resistance to the advancement (drag). This implies a reduction of the tip speed on the straights, which must be compensated for with engine power.

“When Honda provides an improvement, we can also
to perform an evolution aerodynamic greater. That gives us more
downforce and drag, it works like this
. But today we must
be aerodynamically very efficient for not penalizarnos to us
same being too slow in top speed”.

much has been made of the stormy relationship which McLaren have come to have in 2015 and many analysts doubt that the team from Woking is going to have enough patience as to wait to see if Honda is able to create a propellant competitive. Boullier does not speak of the future, but highlights the good relationship existing in the present.

“Now we have to learn how to work together and we have that
learn the cultural differences and the problems (that
with it). There are ups and downs, but now the relationship between McLaren and
Honda is very good and has taken a step forward
. Each month we meet
with Yusuke Hasegawa, well in Japan at the headquarters of McLaren. It
scheduled many meetings”.

there has been Much criticism of the excessive ambition of both brands in the past, coming to talk of podiums and wins in his first season, which ended penúltimos in the classification of the constructors ‘ championship. Boullier has escarmentado and you do not want to make predictions, dumping all responsibility on the Honda.

“I shall Never again score a goal while not
control the development of the thruster unit. And we don’t,
is Honda. We can have major improvements from this season to that
comes. If you are at the level of Mercedes, (the gain) is measured in
seconds, not tenths, that’s seconds!
So we can’t say anything. If
we have the same power that Mercedes the year to come, I know that
we can fight for victories and podiums, maybe for the championship”.