Boullier: “The tests are simply that, tests of new components”


things have started in the worst possible way to McLaren and the grim reminder of the season 2015 plans on the Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona after two days early in the that Honda has seen how they broke two engines and neither Fernando Alonso, or Stoffel Vandoorne have been able to pass the 70 laps in total.

however, Eric Boullier, Sports Director of the team, attempts to soften the mood and give importance just to the pre-season test. “The tests are simply that: the test of new components prior to the start of the season. We will continue with our programme of test planned tomorrow with Fernando and we will continue pushing to make the maximum mileage” said Boullier, that highlights the complexity of designing a car from scratch and make it work in its first phase of development. “When you design a new car and a new thruster unit under a new regulation, it is possible that the failures come when you can not envision the development of pre-season. Of course, it is unfortunate, but the important thing is that we learned from it, and there are already a lot of hard work-up by Honda to identify the faults and rectify them as soon as possible”.

Finally, Boullier stressed the expertise of the mechanics at the time of changing a unit driving rapidly enough to allow Vandoorne to get back on track at the last hour of the evening, especially taking into account that it is a new car with the that are not yet accustomed to working. “it Was encouraging that the team could be quickly replaced once more by the engine with the goal of allowing us to return to the track at the end of the afternoon session”.


Hasegawa attributed the breakage to a mechanical failure

Who is worse what is happening in Montmel√≥ is Yusuke Hasegawa, who looks like the new engine is giving all kinds of problems and McLaren still has not been able to even check if the MCL32 is really competitive. “After 29 laps, we lost the unit of propellant. Our priority was to minimize the loss of time on track and continue with our program of tests, so we made the decision to change it. We know that we had a mechanical failure and we will not use the power unit for this test, but we will have to investigate thoroughly to identify the cause”, said Hasegawa hopes to solve soon the problems.

At least Vandoorne could return to the track in the afternoon and now Honda focuses on attempting that Fernando Alonso can roll more normally on the third day of practice. “Stoffel Vandoorne returned to the track at the end of the afternoon and we were able to retrieve our planning. Of course, it was disappointing to find more problems today, but tonight we will continue our hard work to make more progress for the session Fernando tomorrow”.