Boullier: “We feel comfortable and prepared”


Boullier has made a positive assessment of the pre-season ended
yesterday and all this despite the fact of not having been able to implement all of the
expected improvements prior to the last Grand Prix. “Not
we have assembled the complete specification of 2016 during the test and
that means that we will arrive to Australia with new parts. We have
been able to do a lot of kilometres during the greater part of
the days,
what are very good news and in terms of chassis has been
important to be able to check all the systems, something that we were not able to
to do during the past year”, stressed the French after remember
the nightmare suffered by the team in 2015.

the first week of the test the team had two black days in which
the ghosts of the past came up again, but with the new
specification engine Honda, things seem to have improved
. “it Seems that we have a good reliability, the
base package is good, but we need to get more performance in the
next few months. , we Had a program of production is very ambitious
during the winter
and we’re constantly working on new
developments. We have
to find a balance between this and giving the maximum time to
to develop the set.
the past we’d put a large package of changes in Melbourne and the other
to Barcelona, but now we are
prepared to implement the
improvements at the end of each week of Grand Prix
so for Melbourne this will be no different

gives great value to the information accumulated in these days, something
it allows them to face the first race with more control and ability
in advance with what they can expect from the car. “
general we have completed all the boxes of our program
test, so I am satisfied with the work we have completed,
we feel more comfortable and prepared thanks to the amount of
data that we have


Jenson Button, for his part, was
in charge of closing the pre-season for McLaren and it showed very
satisfied that I had the opportunity to learn “a lot
of the car and
see how it behaves, it is
fantastic to complete as much mileage during the two weeks of
test and it has been very useful to have a good idea on the unit
the aerodynamics and a little of the work of set-up
”, I
the English after completing 121 laps at the Catalan track before
go back to the car in Melbourne.

Honda has also confirmed the
progress of the test, highlighting its responsible sports,
Yusuke Hasegawa, that the data have been confirmed
improvements in reliability, delivery, and performance of the engine in the us
focus during the winter