Boullier: “With Renault we focus on the details that make us be faster”


While Toro Rosso proclaims to the four winds that their partnership with Honda has started the ideal way and everything works much better than during his previous stage, with Renault, McLaren does something similar by stressing constantly that the French brand has allowed them to enter into a dynamic much more positive.

Eric Boullier, director of sports team, is a good example of this, ensuring that Renault will be able to get closer to the top teams and start being a nuisance in some races of the season. “I Think we have a good car, we still have to squeeze it, make it work, but I think we have a good car. I’m not saying that we are going to be champions, but we should be good enough to cause some headaches”, noted in a statement to RACER.

According to McLaren, the chaos caused by Honda led that you have spent three years devoted almost exclusively to repair and keep the car on track, leaving aside the rest of the tasks of a Formula 1 team. In contrast, with Renault can focus on to beat time to the clock. “we will Not have big distractions, never more, simply employ our energy in the attention to details that make us faster”, said the French.


The McLaren MCL33 has raised doubts during the preseason.

If McLaren is happy with the chassis, it recognizes that the integration of the engine you will need time to be full, so that Boullier stresses the importance of building a solid relationship with Renault. “The more time you spend with Renault to improve our relationship, the better it will go. We know what we are doing at the level of development of chassis, but in regards to the engine, the better our relationship, the better we’ll all”, concluded.