Bowlus Road Chief, possibly the finest ever created caravan

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Airstream caravans. Built aerodynamically shaped in a chrome material, are already design icons of the 50s and 60s What you might not know is that the founder of Airstream was formerly a salesman Bowlus in 1935. A company that also designed and manufactured caravans and that has been rescued from the annals of history a few years ago. Bowlus has been reborn with a classic design and the same elegance , but benefit from modern construction techniques.

The Bowlus Road Chief are built by hand with aviation aluminum panels.

Model Road Chief is the only company that fabric a, and it is a marvel. Barely weighs a ton, and its construction not one gram of glue is used . Everything is riveted, screwed or embedded without using a drop of adhesive. It is designed to hold no less than 50 years of use . Thanks to its low weight, it can be towed by conventional cars – even sports – and aerodynamic appearance influences consumption as little as possible. All seem advantages.

Oh, and it gorgeous classic design . Shaped drop of water and its exterior is finished in chrome aluminum aircraft-inspired clear. Imagine the typical camping park with this beauty and look around you. Best find a solitary place and paragraph to enjoy the comforts of Chief Road. Facilities on because it’s not a caravan of large or opulent luxury. Luxury is in its simplicity, quality of materials and their practical solutions.

The Road Chief has two beds, a common area with an armchair and a stylish coffee table and a finished stainless steel appliances. No shower, just a bath with hot / cold water, with a water tank powered by a solar panel. The couch in the common area can be transformed into an extra bed, and has a large capacity refrigerator in the kitchen. A beauty whose price is prohibitive. Start at $ 110,000 , and version costs $ porch nothing less than 130,000.

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