BRABUS G63 Widestar 700, a beast old school eccentric aspect


So striking is the BRABUS G63 Widestar 700

BRABUS tends to place more emphasis on the “discreet” black or neutral colors in their preparations, but may sometimes let fly your imagination several thoughts beyond to print a tone more eccentric as is the case of the yellow this Mercedes G63 AMG.

The off-road vehicle, more charismatic of Mercedes due to their appearance purist that delights the old school passes through the hands of the trainer giving rise to this awesome BRABUS G63 Widestar 700. The vehicle warns you that your mere presence is a threat by mixing the yellow of its body with shades of black or carbon fiber to the natural as if a wasp were.


The G-Class Mercedes remains true to its design

black and yellow, the big players

Your body takes on new air intakes, larger, a added at the base of the front bumper that includes daytime running lights LED technology as other preparations of the model, headlights background darkened, main grille, bar, protective, and wheels black.

Nor does it lack the detail of the brake calipers painted in yellow to which we add a spoiler to the end of roof, on-bonnet and mirror housings carbon fiber and the classical replacement of the emblems of the three-pointed star by the B BRABUS and the designation of the model: G700.


In your cabin, we will find the striking combination of colors with a new leather trim in the pitch black with contrast stitching in yellow creating a pattern in the form of diamonds. Seats, interior panels of the doors and the dashboard have been re-upholstered in this way. On the headrest you will find bardado “BRABUS 700”.

As you might expect, the propellant V8 of 5.5 liters also has been fumbling by the preparer. Can you guess the output? 700 HP as indicated by the name of the vehicle, while more surprising still are 960 Nm of torque maximum that it is able to develop thanks to new turbos, modifications in the intake and the appropriate reprogramming of the ecu.


Even under the hood we find modifications to make it more eye-catching to the off-road

Even the engine block wins on appeal by mixing in your design the black, red and gold. These guys if you know how to add exclusivity to their preparations, although you can adjust it to your tastes. The Mercedes G63 AMG delivery of the stock 571 HP and 760 Nm of maximum torque.