Brabus Mercedes S500 iBusiness 2.0: office on wheels

A world of tuning has many faces, ie, not all cars full of spoilers, stickers, large deck and low suspensions . Today we bring you the Brabus Mercedes S500 iBusiness 2.0 one of the last works of the German tuner Brabus based on an impressive Mercedes S500 .


Brabus, the German saloon a real office on wheels and moved nothing more nothing less than 800 hp . The kit has been named iBusiness 2.0 , and it is possible to mount in any model of class S Mercedes from 350.

There imposing appearance S500 remains almost unchanged, but where changes are enjoyed in the cockpit and mechanics. Under the hood of the car engine architecture with 12 cylinders in V capable of delivering 800 hp and an amazing hidden maximum torque of 1100 Nm . Responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels of an automatic transmission of five relationships. With this set, the Brabus Mercedes S500 iBusiness 2.0 is able to reach 350 km / h (limited speed electronics) and Chrono less than four seconds after switching from 0 to 100 km / h.


The German coach has flooded inside the car with Apple technology. Passengers can participate in work or distracted watching a movie through two separate second generation iPads few small tables placed on electronic activation in resting two keypads company apple. From the ceiling hangs a screen just over 15 inches is connected to a Mac that is located in the trunk and protected in a removable room fabricated measure.


There entertainment system is completed by a team DVB-T, a few sets of headphones signed by Sennheiser NoiseGard and latest generation iPod Touch with 64GB capacity storage located in the rear center console.

BRABUS engineers have equipped the car with complimentary high through Apple tablet PC, where it is possible to videoconference or control many functions of the vehicle itself, thanks to a specially designed program for the occasion. The price of the kit has not been given, but only the car and around € 120,000 .

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