Brabus Rocket 900 Desert Gold Edition, the new utility of the sheikhs of Dubai

If there is a color that defines Dubai, it is golden, with the permission of the usual white. In the past Hall of Dubai the guys from Brabus have introduced the latest whim arab, caprice final with a star on the hood. It’s called Brabus Rocket 900 Desert Gold Edition, and although what we have defined as a new “suv” is a mr. Mercedes S 65 AMG prepared by the germans. What peculiarity has the Brabus Rocket 900? Such amount of golden details that would fool a baroque altarpiece.

A sports exhaust system and an intake insulated with bread of gold also contribute to its 900 HP.

The first ingredient of this cocktail dubai is more power. We all know that 630 HP from a engine 6.0 V12 Biturbo are not enough for the highways of the emirate, so by touching the electronic and various mechanical modifications necessary to the engine to support the increase of power – your power is increased up to 900 HP and its maximum torque stands at a gigantic 1500 Nm. The engine torque is limited by electronics to “only” 1,200 Nm so that the gearbox can withstand.

Brabus adds to the equation a limited-slip differential sports, to a performance mule: from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds and a top speed self-limited to 350 km/h. The 200 km/h is reached in only 9,1 seconds. But all of these improvements performance go unnoticed with the tremendous customization of the exterior and interior of the car. For starters, Brabus has installed a huge tires Monoblock 21-inch black matt finish, they make a perfect couple with the body kit of the car.

The speedometer is tare up to 400 km/h, in order to show us that this car is very serious.

A sports kit similar to that to equip other Brabus based on the s Class. Details in carbon fiber, a diffuser or a caladra obscured are not too flashy with paint gold-colored metal on the exterior of the car. If we go to the inside of the car the golden floods our senses. Brabus claims that have been modified or reupholstered to 300 parts of the interior of the car to convert the Brabus Rocket 900 Desert Gold Edition on a single machine. The pictures really speak for themselves.

Everything is a combination of finishes gold, black leather and carbon fiber. The gold even comes to the edges of the mats. A real madness, a opulence extreme that it verges on the tacky, but that has a multitude of adherents in the Middle East. Of course, if your wallet allows it, Brabus will customize to the end of your Rocket 900.

Source: Autoblog
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