Brandalism and how easy it is to criticize large corporations

Brandalism critica a corporaciones anuncios ParísIf still today do not know the scandal of the TDI engines from Volkswagen probably wouldn’t amount to what I have. But if you live in Paris these days you may have set in a series of advertising posters that read things like “we Feel that we have been caught” and the Volkswagen logo in the corner. Everything has an explanation: Brandalism, the summit on climate change and how easy it is to criticize the large corporations.

Brandalism is an organization that is dedicated to criticizing using ads very imaginative some scandals social. Also environmental. And the climate change summit that is taking place in Paris is a new scenario for their fight. The fight against the big corporations, it seems.

Brandalism critica a corporaciones anuncios ParísThere have been exposed to nothing less than 600 advertising posters at bus stops where, by using drawings and manipulated images, they speak of the scandals surrounding a number of manufacturers. Among these brands are Volkswagen, which in addition to the above quoted text, it also ensures that “Now that we have caught we will try to make you think that we care about the environment. But we are not the only ones”. We, that is a criticism of Volkswagen and to all who end up demonstrating that falsifies emissions. And as well kill a few birds with one stone.

The case is that the climate change summit in Paris; a curious name, since that makes so much sense as to say summit about the change of the song of the blackbird; it has now grown to a stage where manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Mobil, Shell, and to Ikea have had their names tainted. If I hurry up, until the BBC or the newspaper the Sun have been splashed.

Brandalism critica a corporaciones anuncios Parísagree we are in that many of the companies mentioned above have been broken completely his covenant with the society, a covenant that they should follow to the letter as a code of ethics impenetrable. Has not been well and Brandalism criticizes, with reason, some of these behaviors but, why is it so easy? Whatwhy that’s critical to the brand and not also to the society?

Well, in the same way that for swimming you need water, Brandalism need your scenario to mount a propaganda, a summit where they attend some of the most powerful men, politically, in the current scene. In some ways they are the ones who can put a remedy to an environmental situation that many experts as worrisome. To a part, rather, of this worrying environmental situation. I say to you today, from a Madrid alert for high pollution where it has limited the speed of vehicles.

Brandalism critica a corporaciones anuncios ParísAnd we get to that candidate. To the vehicle. Volkswagen has lied, yes, but nobody has stopped to think of the tremendous evolution in terms of consumption and emissions that have suffered the cars throughout its history, more so in the last 20-30 years. It seems that the easy thing is always meter through the car and the fossil fuels. Of course, that in the end is what sells.

And it sells because it is what is needed. Organizations like Brandalism seem to require that to pass to the electric vehicle by tomorrow morning, surely without thinking of the infrastructure that demand and in the cost to the client. Ask you to eradicate the power plants polluting to tomorrow morning, without thinking of the cost and the environmental impact that would entail. Yes, although they didn’t say to plant forests of wind generators or solar panels clean creates a wasteland. Wastes that affect our beloved and protected fauna and flora, isn’t it?

Brandalism critica a corporaciones anuncios ParísI will Not be myself, nor probably any of the readers, who intended to stop a reorganization of the energy. A motion for a sustainable growth. A bladder campion in the form of millions in fines to corporations that do not comply with their social obligations, ethical and environmental. But neither will push for a move as hypocritical. Not that we applaud Volkswagen only by having asked for forgiveness.

modern society is in large part responsible for of the so-called climate change. The unconcern. Are we such sheeple that our modern customs are going to cover an issue of social conscience? And no, with a social conscience, I don’t mean not to buy at Ikea. I don’t mean to recycle the newspaper the Sun, that God knows by what appears in the critical announcements of Brandalism.

Brandalism critica a corporaciones anuncios ParísI mean actions a more complete and complex, not to stay sitting on the couch in the warmth of your home while outside we breathe toxic air. To be active and combatant with a problem that concerns us all, starting with oneself. Maybe Exxon is guilty of selling us fuel, but, are not we guilty of do not use it effectively?

I Want to say, in these episodes of pollution in Madrid, not to mention now, but in the past few days, does anybody has bothered to turn off the boilers during the heating season when rozábamos 25 degrees on the street? Do any community or owner has been raised to install a more modern and efficient? I imagine not, as there are many who are taking advantage of the Plan PIVE to be done with a car that is less polluting. But now tell me, howthis change is given by the efficiency or the savings? And is that the problem of the car probably tomorrow out in… The Sun.