Brawn clarifies its relationship with Liberty Media


Ross Brawn wanted to cut off the rumors about his involvement in the Formula 1 of the hand of Liberty Media. Over the last few days, the German newspaper, Bild said it would replace Bernie Ecclestone and from England it was pointed out that would act as a Sports Director on the board of Liberty Media.

about it, Ross Brawn has clarified to the BBC “Liberty has not come so far yet and we have not formalized any agreements. I’m doing a little consultancy work to try to help them better understand the sport, but that is all”.

Ross Brawn ended its relationship with the Formula 1 at the end of 2013, with Mercedes his last team in the category. Since then, it has remained completely (and recently has ensured that I will never again work for a team, but that if you feel motivated to help improve the Formula 1 in other constituencies.