Brawn dreams with a GP is not qualified to test a new format


Ross Brawn is a deep connoisseur of the Formula 1 and how complicated it is to change certain things in it. The great british engineer compares the highest category with a tanker to which it is difficult to change course, but Brawn is confident that, at least, they can improve things.

In an interview Sky Sports, Brawn acknowledges that “there’s a lot of inertia in the F1, so it will be tricky to get everything perfect, but I think that we can approach much more. Will not be perfect because the F1 is like a supertanker, but I hope that we can move you in the right direction”.

“My dream is to organize a race not scoring for the championship every year

One of the main points of attention of Liberty Media is the format of the Big Awards, something that Ross Brawn will change sooner or later. But the briton is very aware that, when you do, you have to be sure that it is the right format. “I’m a little nervous with that issue. When we change the format, we have to be sure that we do the right thing. My dream is to (organize) a race is not scoring for the championship each year that we could try a different format. You can’t take the risk to change it in a championship race and not hit”, said Brawn, without a doubt, with the failure of the classification system of the first races of 2016 in the memory.

can’t stop a Mercedes with a new regulation

To Brawn, every problem should be tackled in the right way, and, if the FIA has sought to cut the winning streak of Mercedes, use a new regulation to do this has been a mistake. “We exposed to ourselves each time we make changes like this, we cross fingers for it to work. But I think that is a good example of how to not use the proper principles. If it was intended that Mercedes might win, you could argue just the opposite. A team so strong with so many resources will cope well with the changes. It is naive to think that this is going to destabilize Mercedes”.

Brawn has made it clear that the goal should be to get a competition more intense and balanced, but without resorting to artificial methods which are rejected by the fans. “My priority is a competition closed. We should not do it artificially, and we should not penalize a team because it is doing an exceptional job. Some have suggested that if a team wins, we should freeze development until the rest will catch. The fans will see it and be disappointed”.