Brawn: “it will Take time, but we hope to put the F1 in a better position”


Ross Brawn is the new leader of the Formula 1 sporting level and, together with Chase Carey in the chair and Sean Bratches in economic matters, aims to raise the level of entertainment of the Formula 1 to new heights never seen before.

But Brawn, who knows very well the functioning of the category after having passed by teams as prestigious as Benetton, Ferrari, Honda, Brawn and Mercedes, is aware that everything will take time and that the changes will materialize. “There are some problems that we have already recognized, but the solutions will take some time. We want to focus on the show the best it can be and that entertains all possible”, said the british in statements to the station Radio 5 from the BBC.

Each issue to implement must be well analyzed under two points of view that Ross Brawn considered primary: entertainment and costs contents. In this way, Liberty Media with its three managers to the head will improve the current state of the sport. “Every decision we make will have to resolve some issues and ask ourselves: ‘what will make the sport better? what will be more entertaining? what will make it more economic?’. You can’t change a sport as complex as Formula 1 of the night to the morning, but the message is that we are struggling to make the sport as entertaining and viable as we can. I hope to bring the sport to a better position”, said a hopeful Brawn.