Brawn, King and Whitmarsh, candidates to replace Ron Dennis


According to the BBC, McLaren starts to move to find a replacement for Ron Dennis, which has jumped this week to the news of the information secure will leave his post at the end of the season.

Ron Dennis controls the 25% of the shares, while Mansour Ojjeh holds another 25% and the remaining 50% is held by the holding company bahraini Mumtalakat. Dennis takes a time trying to acquire enough shares to control the company, but it has not been possible so far and, according to the BBC, the rest of shareholders has decided to take decisions.

According to the british, Ross Brawn, the british entrepreneur Justin King (Ceo of Sainsbury’s and interim President of Manor F1) and Martin Whitmarsh -who served as team leader at McLaren and was fired by Ron Dennis in 2014 and is the current project manager of the America’s Cup, Land Rover BAR-, are the main candidates barajados to assume the position of Ron Dennis, currently serving as the President and Chief Executive officer.

it is certainly a matter that deserves further attention, not only for the effect it may have on the Formula 1 team, but for all the business framework that makes up McLaren Technology Group.