Brawn praises to Ecclestone, but what is clear: three better than one


Bernie Ecclestone is irreplaceable is something that many claim and own Ross Brawn agree with such a statement. But the new manager of deportivo de la Formula 1 believes that it is time for a new approach.

The trio of Chase Carey, Sean Bratches and the Brawn are a team capable of getting better results if they work in unison, as Ross acknowledges. “We will ensure that our decision making processes and responsibilities are clearly structured. We can do more together than individually. F1 teams modern have a similar structure. There is not one person who has everything in his hands. The pressure is on for three, four or five shoulders. So it was in my years in Mercedes”, recalled the british engineer in statements to Auto Motor und Sport.

And is that Ross Brawn acknowledges the unique qualities of Bernie Ecclestone, but believes that that is exactly what has forced Liberty Media to reorganize the organization chart, as there is no other way of dealing with a transition. “It’s an icon, a character that is unique, is irreplaceable. It is the reason why Formula 1 has been reorganized, I can not imagine anyone who can manage the sport in the way that he has done. The F1 needed someone like him at the time, I can only wish to continue going to some races and continue to support our school”.

Ross Brawn ensures that is already working to 2018 and successive seasons, but recognizes that it will be a working team specially created for this purpose to be in charge of proposing solutions that contribute to the improvement of the Formula 1. “Now we are assessing where we want to lead the sport in 2018 and 2019. We will create a team of specialists that will provide ideas on how to best do the sport. A computer that does not yet exist, the teams focus too much on their own activities”.